This festive season, we’re exploring conviviality and human connection with a one-stop gifting destination seen through the lens of artist, Laila Gohar. Inspired by a mix of traditions old and new, our playful offering of gift sets and curiosities are destined for any holiday table. 

Fragrance & body

Alluringly idiosyncratic scents that capture emotions and memories. Byredo's Eau de Parfums evolve and unfurl new notes as they wear, while body care unites pleasure and function.​

Eloquently enhancing the most habitual of gestures with fragrance, elevating the olfactory experience into an all-day sensory love affair.

Home fragrance

Find new ways to scent your space. From Trois Encens to textile perfumes to our signature scented candles, housed in totemic black glass. The ultimate gift for your home, yourself or your loved ones.


Give the gift of Byredo Makeup this holiday, an ‘open source’ system that places the instincts and subjectivity of the wearer firmly at the centre. Our iconic products and totemic objects facilitate, but never dictate, what “beauty” should be.


Sitting outside of the confines of “beauty” but reflecting Byredo’s foundational philosophies, Byproduct is a progression of the principles which have long defined the brand: instinctive creativity realised with an exacting finesse. 

Holiday Curiosities​​

This holiday season, forge new traditions and celebrate the shared moments that bind us together. Our curated collection of novelties, designed by Laila Gohar for the festive season, are full of unexpected surprises.