The New Satin Lipstick

Eyes shut, surrender to the unforgettable touch of The Satin Lipstick by Lucia Pica. Discover radiant colour in an ultra-gliding formula, where each smooth swipe heightens the thrill of application.


“When it comes to The Lipstick, it is about the experience of wearing and the imprint you leave on peoples’ memories – we imprint by colour, texture and gesture. Here, lipstick becomes a signature in this unspoken language.”

Lucia Pica, Creative Image and Makeup Partner

Instinctive shades that provide a comfortable expansion of self

10 shades are presented in the new Satin formulation, where buildable shine melts into a veil of silk upon the lips. From the neutral nude of Earth Dust to the true red of Fire & Rain, from the vivid pink of Chemical Dream to the deep burgundy of Redolence – each subtle yet recognisable hue is designed with Pica’s thoughtful sensitivity to colour.

As in fragrance, a layered sensibility informs this approach, where top notes and undertones flesh out the compositions into visible expressions of emotion.

Powered by an innovative vegan formula, enriched with Rose Flower Extract, The Lipstick gives optimal lip care through a feeling of hydration and a sensation of comfort.

A contemporary talisman to be utilised and treasured indefinitely

Housed in the iconic gold and silver casing, engineered by Creative Director and Founder, Ben Gorham, the act of wearing and keeping is further enhanced through a sustainable refill element. 

A literal imprint both on the body and in the mind

This is radiance that transcends, expands and accommodates, signing off with a satin finish that becomes one with the skin. A dream-like trace that colours memories and emotions.