Trois Encens Limited edition


An ancient tradition becomes a new sensory experience in Byredo home fragrance. Three iconic scents – Bibliothèque, Burning Rose, and Sweet Grass – are reborn as incense sticks, releasing a captivating light smoke ideal for moments of reflection and calm.​

Handmade in Tokyo according to techniques dating back to 400 years, the 60 fragranced sticks (20 of each scent) are larger than traditional Japanese incense, for a slower burn time of 30-40 minutes. Each set comes with a handmade ceramic incense holder, so they’re ready to burn right out of the box.​

Crafted in Italy, the new addition to the set is forged from white ceramic heated to 1050 degrees and coated with an aged blue enamel. The result: an unexpectedly individual finish that tells a different story with every piece.

  • Burning time/stick: 30-40 minutes
  • 60 incense sticks (3 fragrances)

1.    Place the Byredo incense holder onto a flat, heat resistant surface away from drafts.
2.    Put the Byredo incense stick into the holder. Be aware ashes will fall, make sure the surface will not mark and there are no flammable materials nearby.
3.    Light the tip of the incense stick. After burning for a few seconds, carefully blow out the flame.
4.    Let the incense stick burn to the end, for approximately 40 minutes.

Do not leave burning without supervision. Keep away from children and animals. Keep away from drafts. Keep away from flammable and non-heat resistant materials.

Every order comes with:

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- A Byredo wrapping
- 2 Complimentary samples of your choice (Discovery Sets excluded)