the first Fine Jewellery collection from Byredo

Made for endurance, Virasaat is an ode to Ben Gorham’s cultural heritage. Taken from the Hindi word for ‘inheritance’, each piece signifies the inherent value of a totemic object, passed down through each generation like a birthright.

Meticulously crafted from precious metals including sterling silver and 18 karat gold, the collection builds upon foundational archetypes – to pierce and to adorn, that decode the practice of individual ornamentation and self-expression. 


“I’ve always obsessed about memory. Just as Byredo has been built on an intuitive connection between emotion and scent, it’s equally intuitive for me to connect emotions and design. When I thought about jewellery, I was immediately brought to my memories and my cultural connection to these pieces.”

 — Ben Gorham, Founder and Creative Director 

Virasaat’s curated selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings appear fluid, as if shaped by ebbs and flows of water and time. Rounded pearl shapes interlock with graphic bars, forming a pattern that can be repeated and extended ad infinitum. Translating emotions deeply rooted in the personal, each Virasaat piece waits to be touched by memory, poised to take on the unique imprint of the wearer. 

“I was very interested in creating a chain, just kind of fascinated by how I could start in this idea of repetition and then maybe remove components to see if they stood by themselves.”

 — Ben Gorham, Founder and Creative Director 

A genuine journey of personal memories and identity, the full Virasaat collection is best experienced in person. To try on and experiment, visit one of our stores, offering the collection.