Mojave Ghost

Originally released in 2014, the scent’s inimitable spirit will be celebrated throughout the year, featuring Amelia Gray, photographed by visionary talent Harley Weir. Presented in five distinct chapters, a continued dialogue opens up an exploration of the fragrance from myriad angles.


Following on from the opening two chapters that illustrated the powerful roots and olfactive portrait of Byredo’s iconic perfume, the third part in the series zooms out to frame the body within the scorched splendour of the Mojave Desert.

A new series of images pays tribute to this primordial land that birthed the ghost flower – the vast expanse of unique ecosystems that spans south-eastern California, southern Nevada, south-western Utah and north-western Arizona.

Emphasising the freedom to wear the scent any way you want, Mojave Ghost is translated across different formats and categories within an ever-evolving assortment. Taking a head-to-toe approach, new sensorial territories are explored that envelop every pulse point of the body.

The Mojave Ghost body range opens with sweet notes of fresh Jamaican Nesberry and Ambrette Seeds. Rounded forms that flow around Amelia Gray capture the powerful heart of the scent, where powdery Violet unfurls to reveal the floral punch of Magnolia and sensual Sandalwood.  

At the base, warming Musks rounds out Vetiver and Cedarwood. Bathed in the heat, sun-dazzled by extreme light and shadow, this is an olfactive sensation that leaves the raw, untamed spirit of the desert lingering on the skin.