Silver Ring

$USD  450


Reinforcing its never-ending pursuit of creative possibilities, Byredo introduces fine jewellery as a new permanent category. The series builds from foundational archetypes – to pierce and to adorn – that decode the practice of individual ornamentation and self-expression. Uniting two central motifs into a singular expression, rounded pearl shapes interlock with graphic bars, forming a pattern that can be repeated and extended ad infinitum.

A material output that embodies Ben Gorham’s aim to translate emotions deeply rooted in the personal, the debut collection draws upon a part of his heritage, named for the Hindi word ‘Virasaat’ meaning ‘inheritance’. Made to endure, it signifies the value inherent in these totemic objects, passed down from older generations to the next like a birthright.

The collection takes a craft-orientated approach to the discipline, made in Italy using precious metals such as silver and gold. The series of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings appear fluid, as if shaped by ebbs and flows of water and time, ready to take on the unique imprint of the wearer. 

  • Genderless
  • 925 Silver
  • Fine Jewellery
  • Made in Italy

Material: Sterling silver 925
Weight: 6 g
Made in Italy