Holiday Trinkets Collection

The beauty of Swedish craftmanship continues with a limited-edition collection of holiday trinkets that bring added character to festivities. Focusing on traditional artisanry like metalwork, woodwork and textiles, perfect additions to the home come with unique products designed for gathering, cooking and celebrating.

Add an extra element of magic with stockings featuring the Holiday motifs of John Bauer, as well as paper stars and displays of hand-dipped candles. A celebration of host and home, a hand-carved kitchen set featuring birch wood ladles, chopping boards and butter knives embodies the warm feel of tradition, contrasting with the shining surfaces of brass candle lids. 

Paper Star

A dialogue with materials. Crafted in Sweden by Miro Burman, our handmade paper star ornaments channel the spirit of traditional origami techniques and reinvigorate them for today. Each star is expertly forged with the utmost care into an instantly recognisable symbol of the Scandinavian holiday season. 

Elakform Stool

Finding beauty at the intersection of art and design, our hand carved wooden stool, lovingly handmade by Elakform, pays homage to time-honoured carpentry techniques while simultaneously breaking free from convention. Crafted from ash wood native to the Swedish island of Öland et Småland, each stool is unique and embodies both a statement and an invitation – to sit, to gather, to spend time together.

Candle Lid

Forged by self-taught artisan and metalworker Humstorp Metall, our holiday candle lids celebrate the meticulous spirit of Swedish craftsmanship. Forged from brass and tin, each lid comprises a number of handmade components – all assembled with dutiful care.   

Hand Dipped Candle

A celebration of light, brought to life through manufacturing techniques that continue to stand the test of time. Deploying a meticulous process that brings together art and craft in a singular object, our holiday candles are hand dipped approximately 20 times each and stand poised, ready to illuminate any home in a warm seasonal glow. 

Handcrafted tea set

Effortlessly combining tradition and innovation, our Salon de Thé collection seeks to provide an evocatively powerful emotional experience. Channeling the same spirit, our collaboration with Swedish ceramicist Stefan Andersson takes the cherished essence of our expertly crafted teas and brings it to life in this set.

Forged with a deeply personal dedication to tradition, each set of handcrafted stoneware teapots and mugs is finished with a traditional ash glaze as well as cobalt and iron decorative details.

In each cup, the natural richness of our teas meets the trusted hand of a devoted artisan.