A Winter's Tale

Enchanted landscapes wait to be explored in Byredo’s new Holiday campaign, A Winter’s Tale. Echoing the mystical world of Swedish illustrator John Bauer, whose whimsical illustrations of his country’s folklore inspired this year’s festive motifs, the images reflect the importance of connecting with nature and the magic to be found in the world around us. 

Bringing traditions into the present, Sápmi twins Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta play out new mythologies through a trio of chapters. Frozen fragments re-enact childhood legends, in a progression that goes deeper into winter as each story unfolds. 



“John Bauer’s illustrations are placed as a tapestry of memories in my mind, connecting traditions and enchantment from childhood. His work captures the essence of Swedish folklore, intertwining it with the untamed beauty of nature”


— Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director, Byredo


The tableau vivant begins with long-haired nymphs in the forest, captivated by the sensual flow of water from the crystal-clear lakes. Journeying across mountains and misty vales, a brave damsel meets a valiant knight and his white steed. As Holiday nears and the snow falls thicker, we meet princesses of lore who reign over icy kingdoms in a panorama of translucent light.

Throughout A Winter’s Tale, the untamed beauty of the Swedish landscape takes on a starring role, bringing to life the evocative artistry of Bauer’s scenery. Awash with memories, the wilderness comes alive with ethereal beings, in this place of dreaming.