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  1. Byredo eyeshadows include highly buildable shades providing everything from neutral, natural-looking washes of colour to vividly pigmented eye looks. With high-end eyeshadow finishes including matte, metallic and shimmer, the luminous palettes provoke experimentation, giving perfect coverage with rich color pay-off

  2. Eyeshadow 5 Colours
    Fêtes noires
    660 SEK
  3. high-end eyeshadowhigh-end eyeshadow
  4. Eyeshadow 5 Colours
    Metal Boots In The Snow
    660 SEK
  5. Eyeshadow 5 Colours
    Corporate colours
    660 SEK
  6. Eyeshadow 5 Colours
    660 SEK
  7. Eyeshadow 5 colours
    660 SEK
  8. Eyeshadow 5 Colours
    660 SEK