Desert Road Look

In a jubilant tribute to a decade of Mojave Ghost's enduring charm, the Desert Road look captures the essence of its ethereal realm, envisioned by Lucia Pica, Byredo’s Creative Image & Makeup Partner.


Aerial and intangible, glowing oscillations bathe the skin in a transcendental glow. With warm natural tones that mirror the desert heat, light, colour, emotions and memories come together in intimate alignment with the story of Mojave Ghost.

The new permanent Eyeshadow 5 Colours in Desert Road takes its inspiration from this dreamy world where Lucia Pica expresses the spirit of the terroir through pure, luminous shades that recall the romantic haze of the desert at sunrise.

Reflecting the ever-changing colours, a mix of metallic, satin and matte finishes are designed for instinctive expression and application. Bright, warm tones range from sandy pinks to brilliant apricot that mirror radiant rays of light hitting the vast expanse. Lightweight and easy to apply, the colours have a blendable and buildable texture that co-exist in perfect harmony. 

To complete this luminous Desert Road Look and bring a velvet finish on the lips, Lucia Pica chose two shades of Liquid Lipstick Matte in complementary hues. Muted Cry, a neutral warm nude, and Martian Dust, a light red.