By blending primal essence with profound memories, Mineralscapes Look intertwines natural landscapes and personal recollections. This latest Byredo collection merges the ancient hues and elements of the external world with the wearer's inner realm, creating a harmonious reflection of both.


Continuing to explore meaning and emotion through makeup, Lucia Pica reflects the primal roots of such adornment. Inspired by the colouration and materiality of Byredo’s native Sweden, it is the natural, rural landscape that exerts a pull. In Mineralscapes, the eye is central to the collection, displayed through a large, striking palette of 18 eyeshadows and a new Ultra Definer Pencil shades accentuating the brows. Lips, adorned in Frozen Memo Liquid Lipstick Vinyl, offer a touch shine enhancing the collection.

In the limited edition Mineralscapes Eyeshadow Palette, colour is profound, displayed in the depth and quality of the 18 shades. Colour exerts an instinctive and sensual pull through balance, sophistication, and freshness, easily applied in a single stroke. Soft, creamy, and lightweight second-skin textures feature in cool shades of northern Spring colours from serene nudes, via glittering stones, to rich and velvety deep blues, cut through with silvered shine.

The brow approach exudes strength and precision with 5 natural shades: The Ultra Definer Brow Pencil features an ultra-thin tip for precise definition, offering a blendable and buildable texture and allowing hair-like strokes. 

A unique addition to Lucia Pica's Mineralscapes collection, Frozen Memo Liquid Lipstick Vinyl offers a unique elemental shade to the Mineralscapes collection. This limited edition light green hue delivers intense shine with subtle gold highlights. Versatile as an eye gloss. Its creamy, non-bleeding formula ensures hours of comfort, while the sharp wand allows for precise application.