Team Spirit Limited edition

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BYPRODUCT 31 - Team Spirit Beanie and Scarf Set

Each of our limited-edition Team Spirit Beanie and Scarf Sets are hand-knitted by women from Fugeetex, a sustainable textile company that creates job opportunities for refugees living in Sweden.

Crafted in 50% alpaca and 50% merino wool and offered in three bold colourways, each item takes approximately 7 to 10 hours to produce, and the brightly striped design has been chosen for its representation in modern visual arts of rhythm, division and unity.

Handknitted bobble beanie:
Finishing: bobble beanie
Labelling: woven label "byproduct" stitched
Unique size

Handknitted Scarf:
Finishing: with fringes
Labelling: woven label "byproduct" stitched
Dimensions: 63x8 inch
Unique size