Kantha Knot Paracord Charm

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The Kantha Paracord Charm, crafted by hand and finished with refined leather ends.

The Kantha line is made up of one-of-a-kind pieces of art, crafted in hand-picked Italian workshops. The result is that each finished Kantha piece is distinctly special and genuinely unique. 

  • Artisanally Crafted in Italy
  • Bag Charm
  • Keychain

L 27 cm
L 10,6’’

Paracord with black lambskin details
Hardware: Brushed silver brass

Can be used as a keychain or a bag charm

Made in Italy

Byredo Leather goods are made with natural finish selected leathers.

Here are our recommendations for your Byredo Leather Goods to age beautifully:

- Protect your bags and SLGs from direct source of light (sun), heat and humidity.
- For light colour bags and SLGs, avoid contact with denim and dark coloured clothes.
- Avoid any cream or liquid (perfumes, makeup, hand cream, pen stains) that will irreversibly damage your bag.
- If your bag or SLG come into contact with water, carefully dub it with a dry, light coloured cloth.
- Brass hardware can be cleaned and polished to shine with a ‘Astic brille’ cleaning cloth available in all Byredo leather goods selling doors.
- Byredo pouch is offered with all Byredo leather products, please use it to store your bag or SLG when not worn. Do not store them in plastic bags.
- The triple-stich Kantha embroidery on this leather bag or SLG is finished by hand in Italy. To preserve its appearance, avoid scratches, friction and rubbing against abrasive surfaces.

Please go to your nearest Byredo flagship store should you need further help regarding aftercare.