Introducing First Emotions by Lucia Pica.
The new makeup collection features a limited-edition eyeshadow palette, kajal pencil, mascara and two lipsticks.

“‘First Emotions’ is essentially about that first being in love state. It’s enigmatic, it’s usually outside of the visual and outside language… It’s a reflection of how the body feels things before they are comprehended in the brain. The names of the products reflect the ambivalence of this state of ‘First Emotions’. The primal power of emotions is reflected in the colours. There is light and excitement in the gold and something darker in the burgundy. There are the different tonalities of love; the different facets – erotic, sincere, unconditional, even unrequited.”

— Lucia Pica, Creative Image & Makeup Partner


State of Emotions Eyeshadow 5 Colours
A selection of matte and shimmery red browns, copper roses, contrasting with a golden shimmery shade.

Transported Lipstick
A vibrant burgundy in a matte finish.

On the Fence Lipstick
A sophisticated nude in matte finish.

Mixed Emotions Mascara
Defying convention, Mascara Mixed Emotions embraces a deep burgundy, imparting both a softness and subversive sophistication to the eye.

Ambivalent Kajal
A subtle mix of deep brown and burgundy.