The Animalique campaign takes its inspiration from makeup artist Kabuki Starshine. Byredo founder Ben Gorham fell in love with Richard Burbridge’s iconic portrait created with Kabuki, which was based on one of his clubbing personae — an androgynous human-lizard hybrid who exemplified the exuberance and extravagance of New York City nightlife in its ‘90s-era heyday. Identity is malleable. Animalique is all about embracing the freedom to shapeshift.


Animalique taps into primal instinct and the authentic essence among all humans. It's the concept that a spirit animal resides beneath the intricate layers of our truest selves. Fresh top notes of lemon and bergamot give way to a warm floral heart of mimosa and violet, before the fragrance takes its final plunge into the feral atmosphere of suede, amber and tobacco leaf. Where inhibition shatters, fantasy and reality collide as Animalique conjures the sensuality of nature. It is a fragrance for the many-selved you that is always, forever, a story unfolding.