The warmth and familiarity of homecoming anchors Byredo’s Year of Dragon campaign. Whether it’s the heady aromas of your mother’s cooking, the nostalgic fragrance of childhood surroundings or the smoky residue of crackling fireworks, emotive smells exert a magnetic pull that is intimately felt and universally recognised.

Coming Home celebrates a powerful sensory experience, the symbiosis of olfactory memories and emotional journeys that lies at the heart of Byredo.  



“Ever since our first fragrance, which was an exercise in bottling the memories of my father, Byredo has been conducting the live experiment into smells and personal connection. Family, home and traditions may indicate different things to different people, but they are ubiquitous sentiments that everybody carries with them, wherever they go.” 


— Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director, Byredo


Lensed by previous Byredo collaborator, Leslie Zhang, the campaign unfolds through his unique aesthetic voice, where remembrances of the past are reimagined to create images anew, the campaign story follows two sisters on their journey back home. 


“Times change, and traditional festivities may be slipping away amongst the new generation, but ‘the flavour of the new year’ always remains. Every year, your whole family sits down to a meal, bidding goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, this is our most relaxed and precious time together.”


— Leslie Zhang, Photographer