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Travel perfume case Wooden box

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Limited edition

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 introduces a series of collector’s edition boxes for the holiday season, drawing on the vivid visual language of Madhubani painting and inspired by Ben Gorham’s Indian heritage.

Decorated with Bihar-based artist Mamta Devi’s 
colourful, geometric accents, this artisanal wooden box contains a limited edition Travel Perfume Case, artisanally made in vibrant orange leather and adorned with a silver B logo. 
Also inside is La Sélection Nomade – three 12ml glass vials housing the cult scents of Blanche, Bal d’Afrique, and Gypsy Water.

Each case contains inlays that can be removed – allowing the boxes to be endlessly repurposed anew. 

- Made of wood (pine).
- Removable inlay.
- Silk-screen printing decor.
- 323 x 146 x 100mm.

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FREE matching Hand Cream and Squeezer with select Eau de Parfums.