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Byredo’s approach to fragrance is tied to memory, travel and clarity achieved through style of perfumery using a very small number of raw materials per composition.

Perfume extracts

Tobacco Mandarin completes a quartet of Night Veils, joining Casablanca Lily, Reine de Nuit and Sellier as part of Byredo’s singular series of Extraits de Parfum.

Mirroring the morning ceremony of applying scent, Night Veils are designed for the ritual of the night, their application signalling the start of the evening and the embracing of an alternate, night-time life. Like flowers that release their headiest scent at twilight, with a more voluptuous, rich and rounded interplay of notes, these penetrating concentrates of perfume, made from the purest and most precious of ingredients, envelop the wearer in an intense yet intimate fragrance.

Utilising an older, luxurious, refined perfume tradition, working closer to the skin and radiating through the heat of the body, a small amount of extrait de parfum lasts for many hours and becomes more deeply related to the wearer. Whether worn for an evening’s venture or simply to bed, Night Veils offer profound olfactory stimulation, inspiring and reflecting a nocturnal world of imagination, memory and desire.

Travel editions

An easy and travel-friendly way of perfuming. The 12 ml vials are ideal to use with BYREDO’s  functional and timeless “ Nécessaire de Voyage” leather travel cases.

Hair perfumes

Byredo's signature scents are available in a unique formula to create a light and invisible veil designed to leave the hair nourished and luminous whilst divinely scented.

Roll-on perfumed oils

An easy and travel-friendly way of perfuming. The simple, roll-on application aims at reaching sensory zones for a cool and soothing effect.