Le Gant
  • Top: Bergamot, Wild Saffron
  • Heart: Heliotrope, Mimosa
  • Base: Acai, Cotton Musks, Soft Amber, Tuscan Leather

Riding on the success of the first Night Veils collection dedicated to heady flowers that bloom come nightfall, a new variation of elixirs is about to dawn. Housed in 30 ml onyx glass bottles, the three new compositions draw inspiration from the craft of leatherworking. So precious are these extracts, a mere drop deposited at the nape of the neck with the glass stopper is enough to diffuse their scent for hours on end. This new trio of night veils pays tribute to the delicate hand of the glovemaker, the fine skill of the bootmaker and the genius of the saddler.

Le Gant
With historical ties to fragrance, the glovemaker’s trade was so deeply intertwined with olfaction. Animal skin requires essences to dissipate its exceedingly wild vapours. Still today, those who work with hides and pelts share a vocabulary with the perfumer. Inspired by the delicate leather that hugs the skin, Gantier has the suppleness and refinement of a rare hide.

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