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The operative

  1. Let’s put it bluntly - this go-getter makes things happen.  Logic, reason and productivity rule the show here, and they’re probably helping keep your life organised too - whether you’ve asked for their help or not. Let them know you appreciate them with this line-up of pieces that can keep up with their fast-paced life - or even better, help them unwind for a hot second.

  2. Travel perfume case Wooden box
    1 travel perfume case, 3x12ml
    1,800 SEK
  3. Suede
    450ml Hand wash
    420 SEK
  4. The Engineer
    Grey mat / Dark grey
    4,400 SEK
  5. Mascara
    Tears in Rain
    415 SEK
  6. Open Sky
    100ml Eau de Parfum
    2,100 SEK
  7. La Tulipe
    225ml Body wash
    420 SEK
  8. Mojave Ghost Wooden box
    50ml Eau de Parfum Wooden Box
    1,800 SEK
  9. Suede
    450ml Hand lotion
    440 SEK
  10. Luggage Tag
    1,300 SEK
  11. Colour Stick
    Great Sands
    310 SEK
  12. Lip Liner
    290 SEK
  13. Isono
    Gold Shiny / Green
    2,950 SEK
  14. All-In-One Refillable Brow Pencil
    415 SEK
  15. AirPods Pro case
    1,800 SEK
  16. Eyeliner
    Technical Black
    370 SEK