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The Hedonist

  1. Hedonism is their love language and they’ve got the pursuit of pleasure down to an artform. Their insatiable appetite for life is infectious, and you can count on them to always say yes to seeing the dessert menu or stay out for one more night cap. Show them as good a time as they show you with this selection that will send their dopamine levels soaring. 

  2. Mumbai Noise Wooden box
    50ml Eau de Parfum Wooden Box
    1,800 SEK
  3. Safran
    240g candle
    650 SEK
  4. Vanity Wooden box
    Wooden Vanity Box
    6,010 SEK
  5. Lipstick Wooden Box
    Wooden Lipstick Box
    5,395 SEK
  6. Eyeshadow 5 Colours
    Fêtes noires
    660 SEK
  7. Black Saffron
    50ml Eau de Parfum
    1,400 SEK
  8. Rose Of No Man's Land
    225ml Body wash
    420 SEK
  9. Lipstick
    Mad Red
    415 SEK
  10. Reine de Nuit
    50ml Perfume Extract
    2,600 SEK
  11. Mascara
    Space Black
    415 SEK
  12. Blanche
    30ml Hand cream
    350 SEK
  13. Mirror Mirror
    245 SEK
  14. Kajal Pencil
    Bhoora Bhoora
    310 SEK
  15. Mirror Mirror
    245 SEK