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The cultural curator

  1. They have their finger on the pulse of the latest gallery openings and art exhibitions, and they’d never miss a Sundance season. They know the correct way to pronounce SZA and have casually mastered five different ways to style a scarf. Below, a selection of discerning gifts fit for a tastemaker, because there’s only so many records and photography books one person can own.

  2. Travel perfume case Wooden box
    1 travel perfume case, 3x12ml
    1,800 SEK
  3. Bibliothèque
    240g candle
    650 SEK
  4. Holiday Chaï Tea
    100g Chaï Tea  
    350 SEK
  5. Blanche
    100ml Eau de Parfum
    2,200 SEK
  6. Takenaka
    Palladium Mat / Orange
    2,950 SEK
  7. Mumbai Noise Wooden box
    50ml Eau de Parfum Wooden Box
    1,800 SEK
  8. Vetyver
    450ml Hand wash
    420 SEK
  9. Lipstick
    Red Armchair
    415 SEK
  10. Peyote Poem
    240g candle
    650 SEK
  11. Eyeshadow 5 colours
    660 SEK
  12. Colour Stick
    La Scène
    310 SEK
  13. Toile
    75ml Textile perfume
    500 SEK
  14. Bibliothèque
    Scented fan
    1,200 SEK
  15. 240g Candle Holder
    3,500 SEK
  16. Eyeshadow 5 Colours
    660 SEK