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The Connoiseur

  1. Hygge isn’t a trend - it’s their way of life. Stepping into their home is like being enveloped in a warm hug, complete with flickering candles, decanted wine and a delicious meal simmering on the stove. Elevate the cosiness with these luxurious picks that will make leaving the house just that much harder for them. 

  2. Lipstick Wooden Box
    Wooden Lipstick Box
    5,395 SEK
  3. Sellier
    50ml Perfume Extract
    2,600 SEK
  4. Candle Wooden box
    4 x 240g candle
    3,400 SEK
  5. Eyeshadow 5 Colours
    Fêtes noires
    660 SEK
  6. Travel perfume case Wooden box
    1 travel perfume case, 3x12ml
    1,800 SEK
  7. Chandelles
    Set of Eight Candles
    350 SEK
  8. Lipstick
    Mad Red
    415 SEK
  9. Loose Lips
    240g candle
    650 SEK
  10. Holiday Chaï Tea
    100g Chaï Tea  
    350 SEK
  11. Mascara
    Space Black
    415 SEK
  12. Vanity Wooden box
    Wooden Vanity Box
    6,010 SEK
  13. Tobacco Mandarin
    50ml Perfume Extract
    2,600 SEK
  14. Rose Of No Man's Land Wooden box
    50ml Eau de Parfum Wooden Box
    1,800 SEK
  15. Colour Stick
    Great Sands
    310 SEK