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New arrivals

  1. Each Byredo frame is handcrafted in Japanese titanium by dedicated artisans following a process that combines both technological advancements and traditional methods. Each step requires meticulous attention to detail and years of experiences to perfect.

    Genderless silhouettes feature two types of multi-colored high-performance lenses: Mineral glass and CR - for everyday use.

  2. Takenaka
    Black  / Dark Grey
    2,950 SEK
  3. Takenaka
    Palladium Mat / Purple
    2,950 SEK
  4. Takenaka
    Palladium Mat / Orange
    2,950 SEK
  5. Isono
    Palladium Shiny / Dark Grey
    2,950 SEK
  6. Isono
    Gold Shiny / Green
    2,950 SEK
  7. Isono
    Black Mat / Yellow
    2,950 SEK